Our bikes are designed for Brighton, a city famous for a few things: the Royal Pavilion, historic pier, and hills… whichever way you go, it’s uphill from the seafront!

We love E-bikes: with our mission to get more people cycling, E-bikes fit the bill. Levelling out the ups and downs of daily cycling. Our E-City is built with the everyday cyclist in mind. Load it down with shopping or carry the kids around town, it’s a bike that’s been built to be used, not just admired. From as low as 16kg this is a very lightweight option that can be stored and lifted with ease.

  • All electronics are provided by UK-based Revolutionworks. A simple and lightweight motor gives you enough miles to run errands around town and commute to work.
  • The bike itself is built on our trusted city bike platform, this tried and tested model is perfect for the daily grind and a brilliant platform to fit your lifestyle.
  • The battery is provided with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is paired with our lifetime warranty on frame and fork.



“a sensible and well-specced e-bike for not a great deal of money. It’s a really good all-rounder that feels like it’ll last”
ebiketips.com review 2018





some photos courtesy of ebiketips.com