Our full-blown touring bike has been tried and tested on multiple round-the-world trips. We believe a good touring bike should be your trusty adventure companion. Reliability and comfort are the key parts that make up this bike. Choose from a wide range of options so you can get a bike that will work for you.

A wide gear range and dynamo lighting allow you to tackle any obstacle that gets thrown your way, from huge mountain passes to riding through the night.

The long wheelbase will means you can load the bike with luggage without hitting your feet on your pannier bags.

Butterfly bars are a firm favourite amongst hardened cycle-tourists as they offer a wide range of hand positions to keep yourself moving on the bike and avoid any pins and needles. 3×8 gearing offers a huge range to help you get up any mountain pass or track your adventure might lead to. It’s also easy to maintain and replace if needed whilst in the most remote locations.


“A capable, brilliant-value tourer for two-wheeled holidays. The frame is sturdy yet lightweight, and the tyres are heavy duty and puncture-proof” theguardian.com review 2017


Photo credits: Ruth Newton and Oli Townsend, intandemstories.com