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Smooth, effortless all-day riding

Ideal for cycle touring even on hilly terrain, or city use with a trailer or child seat. Will suit riders of all sizes and weights.

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The workhorse E-bike that doesn’t look like an E-bike

A practical E-bike for getting from A to B, including a full range of gears and a discreet, understated design

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Revos E-bike conversion

Unobtrusive and very light: there when you need it, not when you don’t

Great if you want the lightest possible E-bike. Ideal for lighter, fitter riders who want a bit of extra assist at times.

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ModelPrice (from)Weight (from)Battery RangeGearsTorque (max)
E-TOURING£2,45023kg30-60 miles890Nm
E-CITY£1,20021.5kg20-50 miles2445Nm
CITY with Revos£97515.6kg10-25 miles2440Nm

Battery range depends on a number of factors including ambient temperature, terrain, rider and luggage weight, which level of assist is selected, and how hard you pedal, and how old your battery is.

For example, if the weather is warm, your route is fairly flat, and you have no extra luggage or weight, and you use low or medium assist for most of the time, and you pedal hard to help the motor, and the battery is in good condition, you should achieve at least as much mileage as the maximum figures above, if not more.

On the other hand if it’s a cold day, your route is hilly, you are carrying a lot of luggage, and you select maximum assist for the whole journey, and you pedal as little as possible, and you have a well used battery, you may achieve even less than the minimum mileage suggested above.

For most riders in most conditions, their mileage should fall somewhere within the ranges suggested above.